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Gary Potter
87 Yarrow Way
Locks Heath
Hampshire, SO31 6XN
United Kingdom
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Profound Effect of Coaching 


“Our Business was not good before we met our coach. Even though I was great at being a letting agent, I knew nothing about how to actually run a business. Financially I didn’t know where we were. I was stressed and needed direction.

Since I signed up with my local ActionCoach business coach I haven’t looked back. I have learnt a tremendous amount and the systems we have introduced have had a profound effect on how we have positioned ourselves, whilst also increasing our revenue and profits.”

Ali Baylav – Cavendish Lettings


Plans for Improvement


“Gary applies new ideas and approaches and he listens to people. He can analyse data easily and work up plans for improvement which he follows with passion, so taking people with him”.

Mike Carvil – Executive Board CHSB


Return On Investment and more


“We were very close to the edge of financial ruin when we met our local Action Coach business coach. We were losing £6K a month, had nothing in reserve and every spare penny we made was poured back into advertising. Our coaches experience and unbiased view gave them the ability to show us the mistakes we had made, and were continuing to make.

Our gross profit has increased to 52% and our net profit to 45%. The morale in our team is sky high and we now have a foothold as one of the most progressive and innovative building companies.”

Richard Haynes – Building Solutions




“Building and maintaining effective working relationships is a particular strength. Gary is a team builder and seeks to grow others as leaders and he has made a significant impact in the training and development of others acting as a trainer, mentor and coach”.

David Linsell – Director TKAT

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