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As your business coach, I will support you in reducing the gap between where you currently are and where you want to be. As a Business Owner, Head Teacher, Consultant and Trainer for the last twenty five years I have a wealth of knowledge and experience which I am certain would enable you to achieve your potential. Working together we will develop insights and strategies to promote your long and short term goals for business and personal success. You can probably survive in business without a coach behind you, however, when we collaborate and work together I guarantee that you will thrive, as our partnership will be greater than the sum of its individual parts. 

Why you need a Coach


With years of successful experience that will provide valuable insight I will help you develop long-term and short term goals and strategies to improve your business in areas which you might have overlooked. Here is a video of our phenomenally successful founder, Brad Sugars, explaining the benefits of coaching.



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"Gary applies new ideas and approaches and he listens to people. He can analyse data easily and work up plans for improvement which he follows with passion so taking people with him."

Mike Carvil - Executive Board CHSB

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Who is Gary Potter

I am a qualified Business Coach, providing business coaching to successful business owners and directors through Elite 1:1 coaching, group education workshops, alignment days, quarterly planning days and team training events. I am committed to providing you with world class coaching for excellence and high performance in your personal and business life, to facilitate change, growth and continuous improvement in order to give you greater freedom and to live the life you want.


Combining the tools and business growth strategies of the worlds number one business coaching organisation, with the expertise of knowledge of a business leader, trainer and teacher we will work together to accelerate the growth of your business in order to create outcomes for you which will open up new opportunities.


If you are prepared to make the commitment to excellence for your personal business growth and success give me a call on 01489 564474 or 07464 957212 and we can discuss your current challenges and opportunities to see if it's the right time to step up to the challenge of creating massive change through focused action. We can then schedule a free business coaching session so that you can see how coaching will benefit you, your team and your business.